How to Prepare for a Successful Business Exit: Presented to the Green County NY Chamber of Commerce

Many business owners have undefined exit goals or succession plans, and often have unrealistic expectations about the value of their businesses. The presentation outlined an effective approach to planning a sale that allows the business owner to exit on their own terms, for the money they need, to the buyer they choose, at the time of their choosing.

Venture 7 Partners Bryan Ducharme and Larry Chernicoff recently presented a seminar to the Greene County, New York Chamber of Commerce. They shared their experience and methodologies with a group of business owners and advisors to business owners including bankers, real estate agents, accountants and financial advisors.

They discussed the importance of getting an unbiased business valuation, building the components of value that buyers look for, and managing the sale process.

Jeff Friedman, President and Executive Director of the Chamber said, “The seminar was great. You guys presented a great topic and it was very well received.”

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