Business Planning in Uncertain Times: Managing Through the Coronavirus Crisis

Click above to hear and view a presentation that Bryan Ducharme of Venture 7 gave to a group of Vermont business owners on April 3, 2020. Email Advisors@venture7advisors if you'd like us to send you the planning tools referenced in the presentation.


The business world has changed radically in recent months and more change is coming. Business owners need to make tough decisions to survive and, ultimately, to adapt their business models to the new reality that emerges. There are great risks, but also great opportunities for the businesses that navigate the next several months successfully.

In the midst of a worldwide financial upheaval, Bryan Ducharme of Venture 7 Advisors introduces a set of tools that any business owner can use to make data-driven decisions at a time when emotions are running high and business outlooks are changing on a daily basis. He reviews each model in detail discussing its purpose, its strengths and limitations.